Allah says in Holy Quran: Every creature is good and beautiful because Allah has made it so; and every good and beautiful thing is created by Allah, attributed to Him.” [2] (Vol. 1, p. 27). Allah is beautiful and He likes beauty. Hence, Allah Almighty has given as esthetic sense so that we can admire his creation. Additionally, he made us creative and innovative too. Resultantly, we are pursuing his given abilities to make your home, offices, Islamic Centers and mosques more beautiful and presentable. We have chosen Islamic tradition and Cultural values beautifully depicted in the names of Allah and Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). We use Pure Solid Wood to portray Islamic traditions, values and culture. 

Our Products are long lasting and are available in multi colors. We do not compromise on our design, textures and materials. Our all products consist of Mohogany Wood-the best wood in terms of quality. Creativity does not end here. We use both metal and wood and our hand made products are very attractive and catchy. Our prices are also very reasonable and competitive. Our goal is to let the Islamic values alive in the form of Islamic Calligraphy. You can experience different Islamic geometric pattern in our products that resembles Islamic history and chronological background.