This beautiful Islamic Calligraphy portrays the most beautiful name of Muhammed (Peace be upon him). According to the research, Muhammed is the most common name in Islam. Additionally, as per the sixth edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia (2000), Muhammed is the most common name in the world. We as Muslims know the significance of this name and it exists in the most exalted form in our lives. This name is attached to our heart and soul. Hence, Chicagocarving knows that Muslims loves this name and want to possess this name. We have created this beautiful well-crafted hand-made Wood Frame depicting the name of Muhammed. You can place this beautiful frame, made with finest wood known as Mahogany Wood, on your wall. It is available in different colors and textures. This is undoubtedly the best manifestation of wall art. We know that there is some sort of spiritual feelings attached with this name. Therefore, we designed this product for you so that you can decorate your clinic, Hospitals, Institute and home and attach your patients and clients with spiritual feelings. You can visit our site to see all products or click on You will get a complete detail i.e price, texture, size etc. Furthermore, you can find many other products consist of Islamic Calligraphy, Ayats, Surats in different designs and textures. Our Quality work will amuse you. Reason? Chicagocarving has been in this field for many years and we give value to our customers with our products. We are proud to claim that we play an enormous role in providing quality, creativity and hard work in our products.