Chicago Wood Carving is imbibed with Mahogany Wood Art. This is the best quality of wood that we used to manifest Muslim Islamic Art. Our purpose is to keep such type of art alive. We use different calligraphical painting that portrays religious names for example: Allah, Muhammad ﷺ and other religious artistic work. We are promoting Muslim’s art and craft. Our product depicts different designs and texture to encourage the art of Muslims that are filled with creativity, originality, imagination and inspiration. You can use our product as a gift for others. If you are invited in a wedding of your Muslim Brothers, you can congratulate them with carved wood wall art that can be displayed on the wall. It will definitely give a positive gesture to your beloved ones. It will surely be a sign of blessings. And if your colleague bearing middle eastern culture, invite you in his occasion, he can be greeted with beautiful Arabic calligraphy art work. Furthermore, if you have started a new business, you can decorate your office with large carved wood art showing Quranic art in the form of Ayats are Surahs that will be displayed in lovely Islamic art work. Besides, if you are running a travel agency and you get the most beautiful contract of Hajj or Umrah, you can inspire your customer with our round wood carved wall decoration products. Our product will definitely inspire them towards spirituality. Our products have quality that it touches your soul. We know that Muslims are touched by the name of Allah, Muhammed ﷺ and Quranic Ayats. This is the reason that we create such products sincerely and with utmost love and passion.